Surgical Face Mask - Type II, Reusable, EN 14683:2019 + AC2019

Surgical Face Mask - TYPE II and TYPE IIR, Reusable, EN 14683:2019 + AC:2019

Keep Surgical Face Mask, TYPE II and TYPE IIR, Washable & Reusable & Biodegradable

The Keep and Keep Safe 2-ply surgical face mask is developed to conform with the highest standards of surgical face masks (UNI EN 14683:2019+AC:2019 standard) to protect us from bacteria, coronavirus, and other viruses. EASA, The European Union Aviation Safety Agency, confirms that Keep and Keep Safe surgical masks are approved on board airlines and in airports. Keep and Keep Safe surgical masks are inspected by FIMEA (Finnish Medicines Agency) and by Lægemiddelstyrelsen (Danish Medicines Agency) and 4N Health OY ltd, the company behind Keep, is registered in EUDAMED (the European Databank on Medical Devices). Keep and Keep Safe is:

(1) A surgical face mask TYPE II and TYPE IIR, that blocks ≥ 98 % of bacteria and virus.

(2) Breathable and comfortable with a tight fit to ensure no leaking around the sides.

(3) Washable and Reusable to reduce waste and protect the environment.

(4) 100% Biodegradable, a sustainable surgical face mask made from recyclable polyester.

(5) Designed and manufactured in Finland

Keep - Surgical Face Mask

Keep and Keep Safe – surgical face masks, TYPE II and TYPE IIR is washable, reusable, biodegradable. The Keep Safe surgical face masks is available in 3 sizes (small/medium, medium/large, kids), two colours (grey and black), and distributed worldwide.

Surgical Mask - TYPE II and TYPE IIR

Keep surgical mask filters ≥ 98.5% of the virus particles (TYPE II and TYPE IIR )

TYPE II refers to a mask’s bacterial filtration efficiency. Used properly, the Keep surgical face mask offers protection from acquiring serious health conditions caused by airborne contaminants such as particles, aerosols, bacteria, and viruses. According to lab tests, the fabric in our masks filters ≥ 98.5% of bacteria and virus particles. This helps prevent a sick person from infecting others.

TYPE IIR refers to all the above plus it is splash resistant.


Breathable (TYPE II and TYPE IIR)

The fabric’s breathability is tested and provides the same level of easy breathing as “surgical masks” as defined by TYPE II and TYPE IIR.

Washable & Reusable Surgical Face Mask

Keep surgical face mask is washable, by hand or machine, at 30℃ /86℉, hereafter tumble dried at 80℃ /176℉ for 1 minute or ironed at each side for 1 second at 100 degrees celsius (212F), UV, sterilized, or in autoclave.


With a Keep Safe surgical face mask you help reduce the resources needed to produce disposable face masks and the negative environmental impact.


Tested and conforms with medical device standards

  1. Evaluation of microbial cleanliness for surgical masks based on UNI EN 14683:2019 standard
  2. Evaluation of bacterial filtration efficacy (BFE) for surgical masks based on UNI EN 14683:2019+AC:2019 . Result: The fabric filters minimum 98,5 % of microns. Qualifies as a TYPE II surgical mask.
  3. Evaluation of breathability of medical masks according to  UNI EN 14683:2019 standard. The fabric’s breathability is at the same level as surgical masks. Result: the fabric qualifies for TYPE II.